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Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's College Tax Shocks Students

By TheWatchman on November 10, 2009

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

Luke Ravenstahl became the youngest Pittsburgh mayor at 26, taking over after the death of incumbent Mayor Bob O'Connor.

Dubbed the Boy Mayor by his critics, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, 29, has finally managed to upset many of the college age youth who are his Facebook friends, many of whom supported him less than a week ago when he won his first full term in office. Mayor Luke Ravenstahls fair share college tax, a post-secondary education privilege tax that would require students to pay a one percent tax per year on all education after high school, has been met with both shock and criticism.

I think thats ridiculous, says Maria Walters, a community college student. We shouldnt have to pay a tax to be able to go to school. With regard to Pittsburghs local colleges, a Carnegie Mellon University student would pay $403, an in-state Pitt student would pay $135, and a Community College student would pay $27 per year under the new tax. Basically, as the tuition goes up, so does the tax burden.

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DNC Uses Kids to Promote Healthcare Reform

By TheWatchman on November 2, 2009

Two years from now Ill be diagnosed with Leukemia and Ill die, because we couldnt afford healthcare, pleads a young girl standing in the playground during one of the videos submitted to Organizing for America, part of Team Obama and the DNCs campaign arm. The organization is holding a Health Reform Video Contest and theyve chosen twenty finalists. Its no surprise that many of the videos unabashedly exploit children to achieve their message.

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School Kids Sing Obama Health Care Song on CNN

By TheWatchman on October 8, 2009

Schoolchildren from the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta sung a health care reform song on the CNN set this week. The song was set to the beat of Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA." This comes on the heels of the praise Obama song videothat landed on YouTube last month, which features school children performing an Obama rap song.Not surprisingly,searching CNN's web sitefor the health care songvideo reveals nothing.

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Obama Rap Song Taught to School Children

By TheWatchman on September 24, 2009

At a time when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in schools has faced significant scrutiny, several adults at B. Bernice Young Elementary in Burlington Township, NJ thought nothing of coaching a group of school kids in their performance of an Obama rap song. The woman who videotaped the students is Charisse Carney-Nunes, author of the children's book I Am Barack Obama. The book's cover is displayed on the easel to the left of the students in the video. The footage landed on YouTube earlier this month. Due to the quality of the audio, certain portions of the Obama rap song video are hard to hear. We decipheredthe lyricsand postedthem in transcript format below.

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Tucson Schools Unveil Race-Based Discipline

By TheWatchman on September 22, 2009

During a summer seminar, The Tucson Unified School District unveiled a race-based disciplinary system inan effortto balance out the discrepancies between minority students and their fellow classmates. The plan, titled the "Post-Unitary Status Plan",would specifically focus on "improving" the academic status of TUSD's Black and Hispanic students, with the goal of creating a "restorative school culture and climate" that conveys a "sense of belonging to all students." To accomplish this, the board is insisting that its schools reduce the number of suspensions and/or expulsions of minority students so that the data reflects "no ethnic/racial disparities."

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