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Superintendent Bill Cason Asked to Resign for Not Showing Obama Speech

By TheWatchman on September 16, 2009

Reverend Floyd Rose

Rev. Floyd Rose addresses the Valdosta Board of Education demanding Cason's resignation.

Valdosta City School Superintendent Dr. Bill Cason was asked to resign Monday night during a regular Board of Education meeting. Rev. Floyd Rose, president of the Valdosta/Lowndes County Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, addressed the Board and the predominately black audience regarding Cason's decision not to show President Barack Obama’s speech on education during school hours. Prior to the meeting, the Board of Education Office received numerous complaints and demands as to why Obama's speech was not shown.

Superintendent Cason's reason for not showing the speech was that it did not meet the Georgia Performance Standards that are the basis for school lesson plans and that the speech and the lesson plans provided would disrupt normal teaching time. Rev. Floyd Rose told the Board that Cason's reasons were unfounded.

“Let us be clear,” Rose said. “We read the President’s speech, and at no time did he propose lesson plans before, during, or after his speech, as claimed by Dr. Cason. He never mentioned lesson plans. Never.” Rev. Rose obviously chose to ignore or was not aware of the fact that controversial lesson plans were sent (and later revised) to school principals across the country, which originally included having students "write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president" and discussing "what the President wants us to do".

Rev. Rose said that he would not accept an offer to show the speech at a later date. “Here is what I know, here is what you know, here is what the hundreds of people here and out in the street know,” Rose said. “If Dr. Cason were black and 80 percent of the school children in his district were white, and he arbitrarily decided not to allow white children to watch a white president’s ‘back to school’ speech,’ and whites came here tonight in the numbers that blacks have come to protest, he would resign, or be fired. And we are here to demand no less.”

After Rose concluded his comments to the school board, he received a standing ovation from those in attendance.

Superintendent Dr. Bill Cason defends his decision to not show Obama's school speech.

Dr. Bill Cason referred to the comments as “allegations and accusations.” He said that he received only several days notice prior to when the speech was scheduled to air. He also reiterated that the lesson plans provided by the Obama administration were not in line with Georgia Performance Standards.

During Superintendent Cason's comments someone in the audience shouted "He lies!"

When Cason checked with nearby school systems in the area, he discovered that many others chose not to air Obama's speech. Some of the ones that did gave students the option to opt out of watching it.

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  1. October 12, 2009

    Rev. Rose Is Correct: I stand with all Black and White Right Citizens on behalf of our children, Moody Air Force Base Parents, and other beloved citizens in our community.

    TO: Valdosta Daily Times other Editors, Internet, Message Boards and beyond

    The Valdosta Daily Times published an excellent article covering the Valdosta City School of Board Meeting on October 12, 2009, and included the following quote from my address:

    “George Rhynes said that before the meeting Cason agreed to have the meeting aired live on a local radio station and asked the audience to thank him. The applause was brief.”

    This was not the case. There was a long applause from the audience, and it was exceptionally respectful as the entire event. However, below is my actual prepared address for all to see, and review. G.B.R.

    My Address Before: I am George Boston Rhynes, a Retired Military Veteran of twenty-years. I too am asking for the resignation of Superintendent Bill Cason and this is a serious matter. To the Valdosta City School Board, and NOT to Superintendent Cason. There have been forty-three (43) White Male Presidents that preceded President Barack Obama. There have been eight (8) Valdosta City School Superintendents and to my knowledge NOT one of them denied the other forty-three (43) White Male Presidents to address the students in our school system. No, not one of them.

    Moreover it is strange that several local radio stations use the word racists and refers to our president as a clown. Even more sickening is that our Superintendent Bill Cason, Mayor John Fretti, and other elected officials see nothing wrong with making this their favorite place to address citizens on talk radio. This offends me as a retired military veteran, and I was almost killed in an airplane in Guam. This hurts!

    President Obama is the Executive Commander-In-Chief of our armed forces, and many of these members are now facing death on a daily basis in Iraq, Afghanistan and on other foreign battlefields the world over. Some have died for this country. But their children here in the Valdosta City School System could not hear the president that sent their parents into harms way. How Sad?

    This is the home of Moody Air Force Base and these same parents place their life on the line. These are their children—-attending our school system. Hello somebody! But they were denied the right to listen to their president and you cannot tell me. That this does not hurt those children who are old enough to understand the danger that their mothers and fathers have been placed in by our Executive Commander-In-Chief. I mean this is unbelievable in 2009. It is totally unbelievable.

    IN CLOSING: The reasons given in the Times by the superintendent for not allowing the president speech to be GIVEN mystified me. That the speech interfered with or did not comply with Georgia Performance Standards or something along those lines. But like a previous speaker said, teachers are afraid to speak out about the concerns of our children. So they get behind a desk and say. “Brother Rhynes, Rev. Rose, Mark Georgia here is what goes on in our school. We don’t know. We are not in the school system. Even White teachers come and tell me, and I am a Black man, as black as they come.

    The teachers informed me that last year. They “sat for two hours watching a play put together by Valdosta State University Drama Department. They did fundraiser drives, band concerts, boy scouts recruitment, book fair, pep rallies, student duck walk, school pictures, steep testing and it goes on and on….” So how could the president speech waste time, but not this other junk they complained?

    Now in conclusion, please listen, please listen. Not even during America’s brutal days of the Black experience of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, the lynching crusades, denying Black African American Citizens the right to vote, use a restroom on the highways, eat in a restaurant, called 3/5 of a human being and worse.

    Yet! {I then pointed to an extremely large 2009 Presidential Calendar (“39 X 27) with all (44) American President Pictures displayed with Barack Obama in the Center}. History records that Black African Americans NEVER disrespected the other forty-three White Male Presidents as is NOW being done to our 44th President of the United States. Then there was an extremely loud applause from the audience.

    No! Blacks never criticized these other 43 White Male Presidents! We never did it. Yet our ancestors were brought to these shores as slaves, considered beasts of the field—but we respected the Office of The President of the United States of America. {Loud applause}.

    So, how do you think, we feel Mr. Superintendent. How do you think, we feel when you denied these children, attending our inter city school system? “The Superintendent should have been gone!“

    Retired United States Armed Forces Veteran
    A concerned citizen and brother of humanity.

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